Garden Jobs for April

Garden Jobs for April

Early April is a transition period for gardeners. Spring is coming to an end and the summer is just around the corner.

Early flowering varieties like Wallflowers (Erysimums), Violas, Primulas and Pansies should be looking great.

Depending on the weather it may be too cold and frosty to start planting out new plants just yet. It all depends on your area so keep an eye on the weather forecast.

Here are some garden jobs for early April:

Garden jobs for April

  • Place saucers under container plants to conserve moisture.

  • Re-pot container plants that are pot bound, gently loosening root-balls before moving to larger containers. You can check if they're root bound by tipping out the plant from the container and looking at the root-ball. If the roots are showing around the sides of the ball and holding the shape of the pot it needs re-potting.

  • Use fleece to protect young growth from frost if it's still cold in your area.

  • Dig flower beds to prepare the soil. Normally if you have bare beds that you want to get ready for planting, you need to dig up all of the top soil so that it is loosened. If you didn't mulch earlier the soil will be warming up nicely now. Mulch insulates the flower beds, suppress weeds, and helps to fertilise.

  • To mulch, spread bark, leaf mould (if you collected up leaves in the autumn) or peat free compost around the plants. If you have enough cover, the whole bed to a thickness of 5cm to help suppress weeds.

  • Trim lavender by cutting down towards where the fresh new shoots are, but don't cut off any new growth.

  • Deadhead (remove the dead flower heads) of Primulas, Pansies and other spring bedding plants to keep them looking their best.

  • Tidy up by removing plants that didn't survive through the winter.

  • Try to tackle weeds as soon as they appear to stop them taking control. You can use a hoe to dig them up if you have one.

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Plant a warm and textured autumn container with this recipe.

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