Superbells - and why they are SUPER!

Superbells - and why they are SUPER!

Superbells are a series of Calibrachoa that are bred for their beautiful flowers, great habit, and their ability to perform well and bloom all summer long.

They normally have bright green healthy looking foliage, with flowers that look like petunias, but are smaller in size than the Petunia. They have a compact habit, come in bright and beautiful colours, and tend to mound or trail which makes them great for containers and hanging baskets, especially in combinations.

Superbells® are easy to care for - it's simple when you know how. So, here are some tips so that you can get the most out of yours. The four factors that you need to pay attention to are sun, soil, water and fertilising.


Superbells do best in full sun situations. This means the more sun they get, the better they flower. You can try them in partial shade, but they won't flower as prolifically as when they are placed in a sunny spot that gets 6 or more hours of sunlight per day.


Superbells perform at their best in well-draining soil. They do well in containers, baskets or a raised bed with good drainage.

Ensure you use good quality potting compost/growing media in your containers, this makes such a difference to the performance of your plants as the better the growing media the better the root system that they develop.


Superbells tend not to like having wet feet. This means they do not like sitting in wet soil, which is why having good drainage is so important. If they sit with wet feet for too long there is a risk of root rot. To reduce this risk, make sure your containers have drainage holes. We do select our Superbells® so that they are more tolerant to having wet feet than other Calibrachoas, but they still do best with good drainage and correct watering.

To water your Superbells, wait until the top layer of soil is dry to touch, and then water enough so that there is some drainage from the bottom of the container, this means that it is 'saturated'.

As long as you do not water too often and you are using good compost, the soil won't remain too wet. This means that when you saturate all of the soil it will encourage the roots to grow all the way to the bottom of the container. This means you will have a plant with a better root system as it develops.


Fertilising is really important so that your Superbells remain looking their best and flowering prolifically. If you used a slow release fertiliser upon planting check when it runs out so you know when to start fertilising yourself (normally about 2 months). If you didn't use one, watering once per week to once per fortnight with a liquid feed will help your Superbells grow and look their best - It's best to follow the frequency directions on the bottle.

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Plant a warm and textured autumn container with this recipe.

Plant a warm and textured autumn container with this recipe.

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