Heucheras - and why we are Heucheraholics

Heucheras - and why we are Heucheraholics

You may have heard people refer to Heucheras as Coral Bells, or perhaps even Alum Root. Whatever you call them, we love Heucheras.

The best things about Heucheras are that they're easy to grow, they come in hundreds, if not thousands, of colours and leaf patterns, and they're evergreen, remaining in the garden year after year.

So they are really great value.

These are plants that will provide year-round, easy to grow interest in the garden with colours to suit any style.
Heucheras are also extremely versatile and can be grown in pots, hanging baskets, beds and borders. They are even used in flower arrangements for interesting foliage. Leaf colours tend to change throughout the year depending on the season and the temperature.

Heuchera Flowers
People often choose Heucheras for their foliage, though they do normally flower in spring, summer, or late summer depending on the variety.

The foam flowers are usually small, star shaped, and twinkle on tall racemes above the foliage.

The leaves look particularly stunning in the spring as the colder weather increases their vivid colours.

How to care for Heucheras

Heucheras grow best in part shade, though this generally depends on the leaf colour. You may find some that prefer full sun or more shade, so check the label before you buy to make sure the Heucheras you're choosing suits the spot you have in mind.

You can plant in an exposed or sheltered spot, but they do like to be in moist soil that is well drained. Just remember to water on dry hot days as they like to remain a bit moist (not water logged though).

Depending on the variety they can flower at different times of the year. Remember to remove any flowers once they have faded.

One problem to watch out for is rust, which is becoming more of a problem with Heucheras nowadays. Look for rusty spots on the undersides of leaves. Speak to your local garden centre who will be able to talk you through the solutions.
Did you know? Some fun facts about Heucheras

Did you know? Some fun facts about Heucheras

The Heuchera was named in honour of the German botanist Johann Heinrich von Heucher.

Being a native of North America, the Heuchera was often used by inhabitants of the Northwest to make a tonic to help with digestion.

Heucheras leaves taste sour as the roots of these plants make up around 20% of their weight in tannins. It is suggested it is best to boil or steam the leaves to make them easier to eat.

Finally, we don't recommend actually consuming Heucheras as they have been known to cause kidney and liver failure. Best to stick to ornamental use then...

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