Garden Jobs for August

Garden Jobs for August

August is definitely everyone's favourite time to be out enjoying the garden, the weather is at its warmest, the sun normally pops out to say hello, and barbeques are sizzling away. It really is the height of Summer Livin'.

So, make sure your outdoor space stays looking good with these helpful tips for your Proven Winners.


Be sure to deadhead flowering plants like petunias regularly to encourage them to flower. Don't forget to check the label. Varieties like Calibrachoa and Petchoa don't need deadheading as they continuously flower and maintain this themselves.

Water Water Water

Don't let your plants get thirsty throughout the August heat. Keep up regular watering, particularly for containers and new plants. Stored up rainwater is normally best if you have a water butt. Always check the soil even after rain, as sometimes foliage acts as an umbrella and prevents the soil from getting wet. In the heat of summer some summer bedding baskets and plants in containers may need watering up to twice a day.

Give hanging baskets some extra TLC

Don't forget about your hanging baskets. If you water, deadhead and feed them regularly they will last much longer, even into the autumn. If there is a real heat wave your summer baskets may need watering twice a day.


Feed your containers regularly to encourage flowers to bloom into early autumn. In the height of summer feed once a week with a liquid feed.

Trimming and Snipping

Give herbs and lavender a light prune after flowering. Cut back any perennials that have already finished for the year. On a nice day it can be relaxing to have a little tidy up trim in the garden, trimming might also encourage a second flower flush.


If your garden is suffering from weeds, it is best to tackle them whilst they are in a stage of active growth. So apply your weed killer now and zap those weeds! If you prefer to pull up the weeds by hand wait until after a summer shower when the soil is moist as the weeds are easier to pull.


Set traps to reduce earwig damage in order to save your Dahlia's blooms from looking ragged from ear wig attacks.

If you see any bright green, heavily armoured insects on your plants, they are harmless shieldbugs. They do not require any controlling so you can allow them to continue on their merry way.


Dry weather gives you time to paint garden fences, sheds, and other wood with a preservative. Do it now to protect them over the winter and make them last longer.

Clean your patio, terrace, or other garden surfaces so that any moss and algae is cleared off. You do not want to leave this there for the winter as it can get really slippery when wet.

Enjoy yourself

Although maintaining the garden can be enjoyable, make sure you schedule some me time. Invite friends or family over for a chilled out barbeque or for drinks, or relax on a sun lounger with a good book or magazine.

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