Gardening in September

Autumn gardening is a little bit more low maintenance than during the summer, as plants tend to look after themselves more throughout the colder months.

Here are some handy garden ideas and tips to keep your garden looking good throughout the season.
Gardening in September

Get creative

Get creative with pots and baskets. Keep summer hanging baskets going for as long as possible by deadheading, watering and feeding. Then, once they have started to look tired, it's time to get your garden crackling with autumn colour with some new Autumn Magic recipes.

Use the Autumn Magic recipe pages to plant some colourful autumn containers. There is a wide selection of plants that continue to look great throughout the autumn months, so just because the summer bedding is starting to die off doesn't mean you can't enjoy a vibrant patio display.

You can choose any container that suits your style and also reuse any containers that you were using for summer bedding.

Heucheras and Asters

Heucheras and Asters are the perfect autumn plants.

Heucheras come in an array of colours from chartreuse green, to burning orange through to rich burgundy.

They look particularly stunning in the spring as the colder weather increases the vivid colours.

For pretty autumn flowers, the daisy shaped blooms of Asters will give you great, lasting flower power to cheer up any garden.

The Proven Winners Autumn Jewels Asters come in pretty shades of pink, purple and blue and can be planted on their own or in mixed containers with other autumn varieties.

They are compact too so they don't need staking.


Autumn Preparations

If you are planning to over winter any tender plants, bring them under cover before the first frosts, especially if you live in a colder area that gets an early first frost.

If your greenhouse needs cleaning, it's best to do this before you think about moving anything in for the winter as this will help prevent the spread of any pests and diseases.

If you have a pond, put a net over it now before the leaves start to fall.


It's time to harvest from your fruit and vegetable patches, so pick all those autumn raspberries.

Planting and Replanting

If you are thinking about moving evergreen plants or planting new perennials, do this during September whilst the soil is still warm as this will give them more chance to settle into their new spot. Make sure you keep watering any new plantings throughout September to get them settled in.

Lots of perennial plants leave pretty seed heads behind after they have finished flowering. Rather than tidying them away, leave them for a display of winter colour. If you are going to divide any herbaceous perennial plants now is the time to do it before the soil gets too cold.

Prepare for Spring

Prepare for Spring

Rather than waiting until the spring, it is best to plant certain varieties for spring now.

Like Erysimums (Wallflowers - pictured right) and Myosotis (Forget-me-nots).

Plant Heucheras now too for a vivid display and watch as their colours intensify towards springtime.

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Plant a warm and textured autumn container with this recipe.

Plant a warm and textured autumn container with this recipe.

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