Garden jobs in October

Autumn gardening is a little bit more low maintenance than during the summer, as plants tend to look after themselves more throughout the colder months.

Here are some handy garden ideas and tips to keep your garden looking good throughout the season.
Garden jobs in October

Planting in October

If you haven't already, plant Erysimums (Wallflowers), Myosotis (Forget-me-nots) and other spring bedding now in preparation for next season.

Plant Heucheras now too for a vivid display and watch as their colours intensify towards springtime.

It's not too late to plant an autumn container. Get your garden crackling with autumn colour with some new Autumn Magic recipes.

Planting autumn containers
Use the Autumn Magic recipe pages to plant colourful autumn containers.

There is a wide selection of plants that continue to look great throughout the autumn months, so just because the summer bedding is starting to die off doesn't mean you can't enjoy a vibrant patio display.

You can choose any container that suits your style and also reuse any containers that you were using for summer bedding.

Heucheras and Asters are the perfect autumn plants.

Heucheras come in an array of colours from chartreuse green and burning orange through to rich burgundy.

They look particularly stunning in the spring as the colder weather increases the vivid colours.
Heucheras and asters

For pretty autumn flowers, the daisy shaped blooms of Asters will give you great, lasting flower power to cheer up any garden.

Aster Autumn Jewels
The Proven Winners Aster Autumn Jewels come in pretty shades of pink, purple and blue and can be planted on their own or in mixed containers with other autumn varieties.

They are compact too so they don't need staking.

Keep an eye out for the first pumpkins on the supermarket shelves. You can use pumpkins to make decorative seasonal pot covers. Hollow one out and place a planted up plastic pot inside it to give your autumn recipes an extra bit of Autumn Magic.

Tidy up

As the leaves start to fall, make sure you clear them up regularly. Consider using them as leaf mould and add to your compost to improve your soil. Give your lawn one last mow, and give any hedges one last trim. Now is also time to cut back any perennials as they die back for the winter.

Make your garden bird friendly in preparation for the winter. Clean birdbaths and top up bird feeders to encourage birds to stay in your garden. Seed heads from perennial plants provide additional food and shelter for wildlife in the winter so leave them rather than cutting them back, they also provide additional colour and interest.

Now is the last chance to bring in tender perennial plants that you plan to over winter into the green house before the first frosts begin.

If you get a dry day, take full advantage by painting any wooden fences, sheds and garden furniture with a preservative to make sure they outlast the wet winter months.

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Plant a warm and textured autumn container with this recipe.

Plant a warm and textured autumn container with this recipe.

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