Garden jobs for March

Garden jobs for March

March is the time it really starts to look and feel like spring in the garden.

It starts to get much warmer and this means it's gardening time.

At last!

Here are some gardening jobs for March to get your garden going.

Refresh pots and containers

Give any pots and other containers a refresh. If the plant and pot is small enough to handle, tip out the plant, add some fresh compost and re-pot the plant ensuring there is fresh compost on top too. If the pot is too large to remove the plant, just scrape off the top layer and add fresh compost material to the top.

Divide perennials

Some perennial plants (the ones that come back each year after winter) spread by creating new branches and roots across the ground. Now is the time is lift and divide them if they have grown into overgrown clumps. Carefully cut off outer sections that have formed roots, and plant them elsewhere.

Prepare garden borders and beds

You can prepare garden beds and borders now that the weather has become warmer. You can do this by mulching to prepare them for the planting season. Mulching involves covering the soil in a layer of bark chippings, compost, or other organic materials. This in turn helps your soil by giving it more nutrients, it also helps hold in moisture, protect against weeds, and insulate. Try not to do this on wet days.

Feed the birds

Food for birds could still be scarce so put out what you can to help as many birds as possible make it to the spring. If it's still frosty provide a fresh source of water for them to drink from.

Mow the lawn

Mow the lawn if it needs it on dry days. You should only need to use the mower on the highest setting, no need to cut the grass back really short yet.

Pest and weeds

Slugs and other garden pests may be starting to move about. Keep a close eye on your plants and protect them. Ask your local garden centre if you need help with controlling pests. New spring shoots will require extra vigilance to ensure that they aren't gobbled up.

Weeds could be starting to come through. Deal with them straight away before they start to take hold. If you need some help with how to deal with them, your local garden centre can help you with a range of solutions.

Check frost dates

Now is the time to plant summer-flowering bulbs and other spring varieties. Depending on your area there are still chances of frost and snow so wait before planting until you are sure you have had your last frosty day. Make sure you check your frost dates so you have a good idea of when to plant.

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