Garden Jobs for July

In July, summer flowering plants should be in full flow as we get warmer nights and nice long days. A little bit of maintenance here and there will help keep things looking their best whilst you enjoy spending time out in your garden.

July Sunbathing


  • Stake Dahlias before their flowers become too heavy.

  • Deadhead hanging baskets, pots and window boxes to keep them flowering by picking off any flowers that have finished and are closing up or drying out. If you don't deadhead, your plant will waste its energy trying to keep these flowers going. You want them to spend all their energy on the new flowers coming through.

  • Make sure you give your plants a good feed to keep them looking their best. Especially summer hanging baskets and containers.

  • Tie climbing roses (to what they are climbing on) as they grow to maintain their shape. Deadhead roses too as they need it.

  • Water plants early in the morning before things heat up to make sure they can absorb the water before it evaporates. Hanging baskets may need watering twice a day in the heat of summer.


  • Trim privet hedges.

  • Turn over your compost if it's getting too full, and make sure you keep it moist whilst the temperature is warmer.

  • Keep on top of weeds by removing them as soon as you see them. Little and often weeding keeps things under control and stops them taking hold.

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Plant a warm and textured autumn container with this recipe.

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