Garden jobs for November

The main garden tasks for November are centred on keeping things tidy, protecting plants, and getting ready for spring.

In November your garden will really die down and go to sleep before it wakes up again for the springtime.

Here are our garden jobs for November to keep your garden looking its best.
Garden jobs for November

Plants and Planting

You can still plant winter bedding such as Heucheras, Violas, Tiarellas, and Ajuga for winter colour in your beds and borders.

Plant Spring Varieties
Many varieties that flower in spring will do best if they're planted in autumn. It's your last chance to plant before the ground freezes.

Try spring flowering bulbs, and plant other spring varieties such as Wallflowers (Erysimums), Forget-me-nots (Myosotis), Primulas and Violas etc.

Any seed heads can be left rather than tidied away to provide natural food for the birds and other wildlife.

If you want to you can collect the seeds and store them to plant next year.

If you have grown any Dahlias they will die back for winter.

You can remove their tubers (their root ball - they look a bit like a clump of muddy potatoes) and store them for winter somewhere they won't experience frost.

In very mild climates some people will mulch the ground and add bark or straw to protect their Dahlias from frost.
Saving Dahlias Over Winter
Protect any tender plants you want to save over winter by bringing them inside or in a heated greenhouse.Protect Tender Plants
Place pots on top of pot feet to make sure they have enough drainage and don't get waterlogged during periods of heavy rain.
Later in the season, plants go dormant, so it's important not to feed them at this time as the plants won't absorb the food and it could end up being washed away by rain into rivers and streams etc.

November Garden Tidy Up

Make sure you clear any fallen leaves from lawns as they will damage the grass if they are left.
Put netting over ponds to prevent the leaves from clogging them up. You can put fallen leaves on your compost heap as leaf mould is really beneficial for the garden.

If you would like to encourage birds into your garden throughout the winter months you need to create a bird friendly environment. Clean bird baths, or provide a clean source of water if there is a frost, and put out bird food and fat balls.

If it is mild, weeds may still appear, so keep an eye out and remove them if they do crop up.

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Plant a warm and textured autumn container with this recipe.

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