Garden Jobs for May

Garden Jobs for May

May is the month that kick starts summer gardening.

The weather is warmer, the days are longer and it's time get outside and enjoy the garden.

Here are a few garden jobs for May that will have your outdoor space looking good enough for the first barbeques in no time.

Plants and Planting

Beware of late frosts. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and be careful not to put out any tender plants that you've kept in over the winter until the final frosts have gone.

If you still have any dead and poor looking plants from containers and baskets remove them to make way for summer plant varieties.

Potting up containers and hanging baskets

You can plant up pots, baskets and bedding plants in late May to early June.

So get planting with some of the lovely summer varieties that can be found on sale at this time of year!

In cold areas, you may prefer to wait until June for summer seasonal colour, or alternatively hold the plants in a nice protected area, such as a greenhouse or windowsill before you put them out in the garden.

If you would like some ideas, Proven Winners have lots of lovely planting recipes for summer for you to try for some brilliant summer flower power.

It's also a good idea to replace the top layer of soil in pots and add in slow release fertiliser.

Water and feed plants regularly from now, throughout the summer months. Pay special attention to hanging baskets to make sure they don't dry out.

You can still divide herbaceous perennials if you have clumps that have become too big and overgrown. Herbaceous perennials tend to die back over the winter whilst it's cold and then start to shoot up again once the cold weather has finished. If you find they're spreading too quickly into other areas, you can divide them up where they have naturally multiplied, and then replant them.

If you have early flowering clematis it's time to prune them.

It's also not too late to plant summer patio Clematis such as the Boulevard Clematis by Raymond Evison for a gorgeous summer display.

Dahlias also make a great summer flowering plants and come in so many flower shapes and shades.

You may need to deadhead flowers that have faded so that your plants spend their energy on new flowers coming through.

On the allotment

Sow vegetable seeds such as carrots and beetroot directly onto the plot.

Start a staggered sowing of salad crops. This means they will be ready to pick at different stages so you will always have a fresh supply.

Net strawberries before they turn red to protect them from birds and squirrels that might try to eat the fruit.

Keeping things tidy

Use weed killer on paths and paved areas to keep them clear of weeds.

Get weeding in the garden too! The sooner you pounce on those weeds, the more likely you are to get control before they seed and produce even more weeds. Using a hoe means you can cover a larger area more quickly. Little and often weeding is always the most effective way to control weeds as they won't get a chance to take hold.

The lawn will start to grow much faster with the longer days and warmer weather. Lawns look at their best when they're mown often, normally weekly throughout the summer.

Slugs and snails will be out in their numbers looking for tasty shoots and plants to eat. Make sure you protect your plants from them. Ask your local garden centre for the different options they can offer you.

Don't forget to have some 'me' time, sit back and relax with your favourite book out in the garden or have a family barbeque as the weather warms up.

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