Garden Jobs for June

Garden Jobs for June

June in the garden is always a pleasure.

The month is warmer and brighter, with plenty of summer colour and long evenings too.

It's still important to keep up with a little bit of maintenance during this time to ensure your garden stays looking good and doesn't become too much work.

We've put our heads together to help you make sure your garden looks its best with these garden jobs for June.


  • If you live in a particularly frosty area you may have had to wait until now to plant out summer bedding. If you haven't planted baskets or pots with summer patio varieties it's not too late. The main thing to remember is to just choose plants that you like.
  • Watering is best done in the early morning before it gets too hot in the garden.
  • Keep an eye on baskets and pots as they dry out quickly.
  • Make sure you feed your plants regularly during the summer. The best way to achieve this is to add a slow release fertiliser whilst you plant. If you haven't done this try a liquid feed and follow the instructions to make sure you're feeding your plants the right amount at the right time.
  • After they have finished flowering, prune plants such as Forsythias, Weigelias, Pieris and Philadelphus.
  • Feed your lawn with a high nitrogen feed to keep it looking good.

Take care of spring plants

  • If you have bulbs that flower in spring, give them a feed to help them to produce lots of flowers for next year.
  • For spring flowering shrubs, give them a prune once they have finished flowering.


  • Make sure you're removing any weeds as they appear. Little and often weeding is always best so that they don't get out of control.
  • Don't add perennial weeds to your compost heap.They WILL come back to get you.
  • Start deadheading flowering plants to keep them looking good.

Garden Project

Watering over the summer can have a negative effect on the environment and your purse.

Think about putting in water butts to capture water from your roof when it rains, or if it's practical try drip irrigation to save on water use. If you need help or advice your local garden centre can go through a range of options with you.

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